Let's Make a Game!

This weekly segment will be streamed (at twitch.tv/ajaxvm), and uploaded to youtube (youtube.com/ajaxvm), usually on the weekend. I will be demonstrating basic programming techniques, and how to design and build simple games. These games will probably become more complex, and become multi-part builds as we progress and takes suggestions. Also, check out the forum for discussion about any of the episodes!

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Episode 1: "Snakes" (Nov 15, 2014)

In this episode we started off with basic Python programming concepts, and introduced the Pygame library. We looked at creating/loading images, using classes to control our objects, moving and colliding those objects, as well as fonts and basic screen and event handling.

This was also our very first Let's Make a Game episode, and had some technical and production issues, which we hope to resolve moving forward as I have time to mess with things.

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Episode 2: "Pong" (Nov 22, 2014)

In this episode we go old school, and even further back to the basics, with Pong!

This being our second episode, some of the production issues were fixed, and we had a new, clearer mic, so hopefully everything is more helpful than before!

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Episode 3: "Breakout" Part 1 (Dec 6, 2014)

Moving forward, we begin working on Breakout

In this episode, we get the start of a basic scene manager and GUI going, and plan out the goals for our game. We'll be using that same Scene Manager (with tweaks and improvements) down the road quite heavily!

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Episode 4: "Breakout" Part 2 (Dec 13, 2014)

Continuing and Finishing Breakout

We "finish" our Breakout game, complete with scoring, levels (with custom parser), GUI and scene manager done, and simple game (with some bugs for code Tasks, GL!)

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Episode 5: "Making an Engine" Part 1 (Dec 20, 2014)

Beginning to Create our Game Engine

Beginning to progress past simple games, we have begun building a Game Engine/Library that will be generic enough to work with all of our games moving forward, but also allow us to upgrade it later to add 3d and physics and such. In this episode, we began with getting our input cleaned up as best as we could.

For this episode there is no specific download. Instead, Grab the SVN repository for the Engine Now!
The specific version you want for this episode is revision "r4".