Here is a sample of the projects I am either currently working on, or have worked on in the past (Under Construction Still)

Let's Make a Game!

This is a weekly (hopefully) segment I will be streaming, usually on the weekend, where I will be demonstrating basic programming techniques, and how to design and build simple games. These games will probably become more complex, and become multi-part builds as we progress and takes suggestions.


This is an IRC bot that I created many years ago, to assist when doing programming competitions, that is being updated to work as a fully customizable twitch bot. Currently not available, it is in testing phases and initial feature creation, but should be released soon.


This is a simple Python/Pygame library I created (with help from internet resources, referenced in the code) that allows you to load animated GIFs and play them in pygame (among other things) - useful for getting basic animations into a game if you don't want to mess with spritesheets.